Thursday, March 18, 2010


I moved some books to my bedroom and brought some roomboxes down to my craft room. The result is that most of the rooms are now in the craftroom. The top shelf holds a man's game room, the doctor's office, and a Christmas living room. The second shelf holds Brown's Mercantile general store, my little witch scene and the street scene my brother's friend made for me.
This is my bedroom collection. Two nurseries, one little girl's room, one country style woman's room and one "before the wedding" room in a suitcase.
Magnolia Way and Storybook Weddings Bridal Shoppe
The Potting Shed garden center


cockerina said...

OH! De, what a beautiful collection of scenes! and I see that beautiful hat hanging on the wall! many compliments!
Your husband must be very sweet if he lets you keep your doll houses in the bedroom, my husband would have strangled me, even if my things are in other room! LOL!
I'd like to see closer "The Potting Shed Garden Center" ... you could make a photo larger? thanks!
kisses, Caterina

Kathi said...

What fun to see your room boxes! I love the potting shed! What a clever idea!!!

Kim said...

Wow De- I need to show this to my hubby! He keeps asking me where I am going to put all my dollhouses if I keep planning new ones. This will show him there is always a way to make them fit! I love seeing so many of them together like this- wish I could come visit you in person!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

De said...

Next up, I'll have to post photos of the dollhouses in our bedroom. There are a LOT of them. :)

Caterina, I'll do a post today on the garden center. It was really fun to make.

De said...

I just realized that I forgot to get a photo of Harriet's kitchen - it's a 1940s style kitchen in a breadbox. That's also in the craft room.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I was away for a few days and am just now catching up on my blog following. I made the comment on the dollhouse post and now I see all your roomboxes. You have really made a lot and they are all fantastic. I see now why you say you might have to work in smaller scale. What great work you do De and you have such wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing all this.

De said...

Thank you!