Monday, December 7, 2009

The gift tree with lights

I really don't recommend doing it backwards like I did but after the tree was all decorated I decided to borrow some of Santa's outdoor lights to put on this tree. ($3 at Wal-Mart in the Christmas village aisle.) They are battery powered. The green gift you see to the left is the battery box. I decoupaged wrapping paper on the sides, back and non-wired end. The switch side and the end with the wires were left alone. The box can be positioned so that those parts don't show and the battery box looks like a large gift under your tree.

I also spruced up the tree skirt with some fabric paint. It is made from a circle of felt. For some reason this tree didn't want to stand up in the wooden pot I used for planting the tree so I glued 3 pieces of craft sticks to the bottom of the pot to make it more stable. The tree skirt hides those and adds a nice splash of color.

I'm hoping to see my friend today. I'll let you know if she likes her gift.

Happy Monday!


Kathi said...

Now how cute is that! :) I'll have to go to WalMart again!

cockerina said...

what coincidence!
I've also used the lights to battery and the same way I masked with wrapping paper, so that seems like a gift package ... I did long ago, in a few days I'll put the photo on my blog, come and see!
good evening ..