Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Jefferson ready for Christmas

The Jefferson was built to have the feel of my real house. The exterior is the same gray with cranberry door and shutters and the inside has similar colors to our home at the time I built the dollhouse. My dollhouse daughters had to share a room. I built this house in 1992 and some of the colors have faded a bit. It was my first big dollhouse and the only one I've electrified.
Here are my children, in dollhouse version, as they were in 1993. I built the house while pregnant for my youngest so the house represents his first Christmas. The crib and changing table were built from a kit, the dresser is a refinished dollar store purchase and the baby swing and rug were created from scratch as were the dolls. My mini family dolls were some of my first experiments - I've improved since then!
Since I made the headboard and quilt that I showed you in an earlier post, I added the aquarium as we always had fish when the kids were young.
The kitchen is obviously in need of dusting but the table is set, the turkey is thawing in the sink and the other meal fixings are on the counter. The bib on the Renwal high chair (for some reason all of the Renwal baby furniture is 1:12 scale while the rest is 1:16!?) was made from a scrap of wrapping paper trimmed with embroidery floss.
And, finally, the living room with my first pipe cleaner tree, stockings hung on the mantel, nativity on the entertainment center(altered Michael's hutch). The paintings throughout the house were done by my mom. The quilt on the wall was a kit. Mini DH (on the left) and mini me (on the right) are enjoying pizza and coffee while the kids (supposedly) are sound asleep on Christmas Eve. Mini me has a wonderful knitted holiday sweater from Beepbeep on Etsy coming. I'll post photos when she's been re-dressed.

Since this house is always decorated for Christmas I look for things to add year round. I also look for things that remind me of our home, traditions, hobbies, etc.

Recreating your home or a room in it is really fun.


dale said...

It looks wonderful, De. Very cozy. :)

De said...

Thank you, Dale!

Dlsarmywife said...

De, how special! I love the idea of capturing a moment in time. Just adorable. =D

cockerina said...

very very nice! The swing is delicious!

De said...

Thank you!

PAKY said...

So beautiful your Christmas decoration

Kathi said...

What a wonderful little house! I love the baby swing! How fun to have a replica of your real home. It is a treasure, I'm sure!

De said...

Thank you!