Saturday, December 26, 2009


After several days of holiday activities I was desperate for some mini time. I chose to play with my new diorama. I had some Plasco kitchen appliances from the 1940s stored away so I dug them out for the apartment. The chairs are some other brand from the same era and I made the table. The Plasco pieces are 1:16 scale. I'm pretending, of course, that we can only see part of the kitchen and the rest of the apartment is also imagined. I am debating adding wallpaper to the kitchen.
I added a flower pot to the window outside the kitchen.
The biggest change is in the antique shop. I scanned a photo of an antique shop from one of my miniatures books to enclose the back and added a few items to the floor to add dimension. Now it looks as though the shop stretches much farther beyond what you see through the window.

I had so much fun making this little scene truly mine. :-)

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Lúcia Soares said...

Bom dia!Gostaria de saber onde eu posso comprar esses moveis de plástico, amei essa cozinha.