Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tutorial for the Nativity figures - Part 5

The stable was made from scrap bits of wood with a cardboard back. I used moss to cover the roof. The star is a wooden cut out painted gold and dressed up with glitter dust. A store bought stable could be used...or display the figures without a stable. I hope the instructions make sense. As always leave a comment if you need clarification. Oh, I use Sculpey and Super Sculpey polymer clay but any polymer clay will do. Air drying clay would also work but you would have to paint the figures after they dry.


Karin F. said...

very very cute! Reminded me of the time that I made a creche of salt dough. My kids were small & we had a great time making all the people, and animals. Then when Christmas was over we had to put everything away.
Well we lived in a very tiny house with no room for anything so they were put into a box & stored in the attic.
Next Christmas when I brought the box back out, all the wise men were looking straight to heaven instead of down at the baby
.....seems the heat in the attic had soften the dough & caused the heads to droop backwards. Never did make another set. Ours were unique!

De said...


Deni said...

How lovely I adore the nativity!
You continue to amaze me with your wonderful minis De

De said...

Thank you Deni!