Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The promised pictures

Here's the promised pic of mini me in my new Christmas sweater from beepbeep of etsy. I actually had a sweater similar to this one in 1993. Isn't this one beautiful! I am so excited about it.
Another view of the living room.
Yet another view. That's mini hubby in the chair with his feet on the ottoman.
So I had kind of a rough day with some extended family stupidity. While I was in town I decided to cheer myself up with a visit to my favorite antique/consignment shop. I bought some beautiful vintage Christmas ornaments to add to my collection and I also bought this little rocking chair. It's plastic but the scale is nice for the nursery. I'm gonna leave it brown but add some pink print cushions.


The Old Geezer said...

you have a interesting blog
great photos

De said...

Thank you!

Kim said...

De- the mini you is adorable! I love her! The rocking chair looks perfect for the room too :)

dale said...

De, mini you looks wonderful in that sweater! :)

You can paint plastic, if you wanted to. ;)

De said...

Thank you! Remember that she was one of my first dolls - I love her for sentimental reasons but she's not my prettiest doll, lol.

Dale, I thought about painting it but the brown ties in the table set and if I upholster it with pale pink print cushions I think it will lighten the look.