Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Outside Santa's House

I've shown some photos of scenes inside Santa's house. Here are some of the outside. Rudy's delivering the mail, there's a small sled to the left in the bushes, and there are skis propped up at the right end of the house. The small shrubs and the tree on the right have working lights.
Dasher got a jingle bell collar today.

The dog ate the first snowman I had in Santa's yard. I found this one when we decorated the Christmas tree. The house now sits up high enough that the dog doesn't bother it so this little guy should be safe. :0)


Ara said...

how fun to have a whole house for santa to decorate!! Love it! -ara

De said...

Thank you, Ara!

Eva said...

What a lovely house!! I can breathe the Christmas atmosphere :)

De said...

Thank you, Eva!