Friday, December 25, 2009

I just have to share this gift with you

I shared in an earlier post about the game room I made for my brother who customizes 1:18 scale action figures. Well, a friend of his in an online forum saw the room box and liked it. He created this diorama for me. His name is Eric Vaughan. The diorama is 1:18 scale like the action figures he and my brother customize and it is full of details.
The pizza shop has sodas on the counter and a large pizza inside.
There's an electric meter on the wall outside the pizza place.
The window and door of A Moment in Time antique shop.

I had some 1:16 scale dolls on hand that look great in the pizza shop window.

I am so excited about this beautiful diorama. It was a totally unexpected gift and it is just amazing!


TreeFeathers said...

Wow, what a cool surprise! That is such a nice thing for someone to do! :)

- Grace

Kathi said...

Wow! That IS a great gift! I love all of the details! How sweet that your brother's friend made this for you. I really like the stones on the street and that corner window. Great ideas!

Kim said...

what a great gift!! How wonderful that you sparked someone's creativity in this way:)