Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm glad she's not like Otis

We have just a small tree downstairs (the big one is in our bedroom). It is sitting in our bay window - one of Abby's favorite sunning spots. She hasn't bothered the tree at all. She just curls up around it using the quilted tree skirt for her bed. Doesn't she look cute?


Lize said...

I have never seen cats as attracted to Christmas trees as yours! Perhaps yours are catnip!

Kathi said...

Now that's a good kitty! Perhaps she needs to have a chat with Otis!?

Katie said...

Oh she is sweet! Otis, come look! See what a good kitty looks like??? ((Looks like our Pocus!!))


MiniKat said...

Cute and non-destructive. A perfect combination under the tree! :-)

I believe I recognize the yellow haired angel with the red wings. I think my mom has that ornament somewhere tucked away with all the others. It's on my list of ones to snag when she decides to get rid of extraneous things.

cockerina said...

t's funny your cat under the blanket! we see that he's down there in the warmth ... ah ah!!
a kiss, and best wishes of Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Kathi said...

Have you seen this post?

A roombox just for Otis! :)