Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And now for the real welcome!

I have many new followers to welcome.
*Marta y Carla - I didn't see a blog link so please comment if you do have one you'd like me to mention.
*Kaisa (aka Miltonia) is a new miniaturist but you couldn't tell by her lovely creations. Her blog is Something Tiny
*gshoney - again I didn't find a blog link.
*Mari of Il Cucchiaino Magico. Mari appears to make a variety of beautiful minis.
*Eva does not appear to have a blog.
*Marisa's blog is Steinworks. It appears to be about various aspects of her life, including crafting.
*Smilgos seems to enjoy a variety of needlework. See her pretty creations at Smilgos namai.

I also found some people at the end of the followers list with no photos. I'd like to welcome them, too. Elena of Omsk, Russia; dlctickner; catgray; Cat; Melissa - I'm not sure if I've already welcomed some of you or not. Sometimes I forget to check the end of the list when I see new followers. I'm sorry! Thank you for stopping by.

Thank you all so much for following. It wasn't all that long ago when I was certain I would never find 10 people interested in seeing my minis. Now there are 208 of you! I've met many wonderful, mini-minded people through this blog. I'm so glad I took a chance and started writing. :) And, please, as always, stop in and see the lovely blogs linked above.

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Marisa Stein said...

thanks for the warm welcome! I really love looking at your crafts