Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some progress on the boarding house

This is the foyer just after I got the house (after cleaning). There was a lot of tacky wax that just would not come off the wallpaper completely. I thought I would have to completely rewallpaper but...
I was able to salvage the lower half and just repapered over the upper part with a coordinating paper. I still need to add artwork and a bit of furniture but it already looks very welcoming. The new wallpaper is a sample of 1:1 scale paper. The soft colors look very nice with the existing blue print. The rug was in my drawer of "gonna use some day" minis.
This was the kitchen. I really like this wallpaper but it wasn't in good shape at all. There had been contemporary cabinets hung with wax and when removed (before I got the house) they left a big mess and some of the paper was torn.
Again I used 1:1 samples to wallpaper. The lower paper is supposed to represent tiles. The kitchen was furnished so quickly because I moved Harriet, her grandchildren, their dog, and all of the furnishings from Harriet's breadbox kitchen into this kitchen. All I had to do was put a new skirt on the sink to make it all look good in here. Oh, and Harriet told me last night (after thanking me - she hasn't had a bedroom or bathroom in years, lol) that Harriet is actually her middle name. Her first name is Sandra. Her mother's name was also Sandra so Harriet was called by her middle name.) Her grandchildren, Tess and Johnny, brought their dog, Wilson, over and are now getting a treat from Grandma. :)

Many of the little items in the kitchen have been made by friends. I have some wonderfully talented online mini friends!


Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

Great progress De!!
-Kim :)

Rachel said...

Its looking great so far

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Wow De, you are the fastest and most focused miniaturist I have ever seen. Looking good!

Victoria ♥