Sunday, September 5, 2010

An interesting day

There I was, happily working away at the saloon (the roof/ceiling is assembled and the interior is finished) when my oldest daughter came home and kidnapped me, lol. She passed several garage sales on the way and wanted to go exploring. Since I still wasn't feeling 100% she drove.

She found a bread machine and a cappuccino maker. We tested the bread machine - yum!

I found these bright orange ceramic toilets that are perfectly scaled for 1:12 dollhouses. The lady gave them to me. I also got a hot pot for those days when the tea kettle takes too long to heat up. :)

Then daughter number 2 calls with a catastrophic computer problem. Hubby's out of town so oldest and I delivered his laptop to daughter 2 and brought hers back so I can have it repaired. We also took her out for a late dinner. That made for a 4 1/2 hour round trip.

I had fun with my girls but this was gonna be the day to finish the saloon. It's only midnight...maybe there's still time. More tomorrow...

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Kikka said...

I love those bright orange ceramic toilets... they are cool!