Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We have the beginnings of a building!

The downstairs saloon is really taking shape. I made the back bar tonight from the grocery shelf kit that came with the Brimble. I cut off the side counter and cut out the middle section of shelving so I could put a stained glass effect on the center mirror. The mirror is a large mirror finish poster board from Hobby Lobby. The stained glass was designed by me (the front windows will have the same design) and printed onto a transparency. It's hard to see in the photo but it looks really good. The woodstove is in the front left corner. I didn't get that section in the photo.

I still need to put the border up and add baseboard, besides all of the windows and the doors.
The billiards room is still a little exposed to the elements, lol. Jake doesn't seem to mind. The third table fits very nicely up here.

This kit is a good reminder as to why I prefer mdf kits. ;) For some reason, the tabs never want to go in the slots and the plywood is so much flimsier during the drying time. On the flip side, you get so much more detail with a tab and slot kit. Sometimes the trade off is worth it...and sometimes not. This is one of the "worth it" times.


Ara said...

I like that you put furniture in rooms that haven't been finished yet - i do that and I think it makes me work harder to finish the room! haha.

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

This is going to be Awesome De. You can cover most sins with paper,paint and magic hee hee.

Victoria :)

Kim said...

De- it looks so fab already! The bar looks fantastic- I can see a bit of the stained glass on the mirror- great idea! The wallpaper is perfect!

De said...

Thank you all! The wallpaper is that scrapbook paper that I colored darker and added the gold accents to. The upstairs paper is actual dollhouse wallpaper.

Ara, I'm never patient enough to wait until the end to see how it's all gonna look. Plus, I usually find myself making the furnishings first and then I have to see if I can make it all work after I built the structure. Sometimes, I can and sometimes, I can't - I'm glad it all fits this time, lol.

May said...

Te esta quedando genial.
Besitos, May