Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A little "me" time

First, I got a haircut - I love my hairdresser and he always makes me feel special and relaxed. Today I got a whole new look. My hair was almost shoulder length with grown out bangs (fringe for the rest of the world) and was dry and shaggy. This is much more fun - although hubby may freak when he sees how short the back is, lol.
Then I visited my favorite antique/resale shop for a little retail therapy. Sometimes I find things for mini projects but today I hit the jackpot and I left a lot for future trips. ;0) I found the two HOM kits for $5 each. I've never built one of them but enough of you have for me to want to try them. The bottom kit is for the dining table. I found the three fat quarters for $1 each. They are perfect mini scale. I think the fruit stripe on the left will be pretty on the HOM sofa.

And, finally, for the saloon I found a clear mug I can use for a large beer stein or a small pitcher and two silver candle chandeliers (both with some damage but nothing too bad) that I'm going to turn into kerosene lights.

I got all of that for $25. A small price to pay for a much needed hour or so of stress reduction.

Hope you all have a lovely day!


Kim said...

wow- you did hit the jackpot!! Your hair looks wonderful- but I had to laugh because I have the same exact thought about my hubby every time I get mine cut :)

Liberty Biberty said...

Your new haircut looks great De!
It took me years to figure out what 'bangs' were, lol!
Great bargains!

Peggy said...

Great new haircut, it sure looks good on you! What a finds, you lucky girl :D


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

What a bargain. I have put together lots of HOM kits and they are easy, biggest hint is wait for glue to dry before with fiddling more. I like your new hair cut, I need to do that been almost 2 years. I just cut on mine when it drives me crazy LOL. Love your Memory Trunk in your Etsy shop, it looks like a big one. Have fun with your new minis De.

Victoria :)

De said...

Thank you all. The biggest challenge with the hair will be tomorrow morning when I see if I can make it look good. That's always the scary part of a new hair style, lol.

Thanks, Victoria. The trunk is sized similarly to a foot locker. Not as big as a steamer trunk.