Sunday, September 26, 2010


It looks like Sandy is just getting home to the boarding house after a long day at her secretarial job. She's a lovely young lady but is still grieving for her fiance who died in the war. She needed to get away from some of the memories and that's why she now lives at Harriet's boarding house.

I spent a long time (for me, lol) making Sandy. I'm very pleased with her suit and her eyes. I'm improving! I studied the doll my friend Brenda made for my saloon - Pansy has beautifully detailed eyes. Sandy's aren't even close to that good but they are a huge improvement over my previous dolls.

Last night I ordered a doll to be George. I recently had a good sale in my etsy shop and rewarded myself. :) I made so many men for the saloon that I just didn't want to make another one. I'm glad I did decide to make Sandy, though.


April said...

Her face is very pretty. She looks thoughtful.
I LOVE the dress!

Kim said...

She's beautiful De. I really think her face shows a bit of sadness to it-you did a really nice job with her and I love her dress too-especially the stylish sash at the front ♥

De said...

Thank you!