Friday, September 24, 2010

A good day for antique malls

I had lunch in town with a friend today. Since I was already in town I decided to stop by my favorite antique mall. I found a perfect coffee table for the living room...
...but the best purchase was this crochet square doily. It's a perfect bedspread in Harriet's room. With the addition of the vanity and bench and the box of "memories", Harriet's room is nearly finished. Her adjoining bathroom currently only has a sink and toilet. If I find a smallish clawfoot bathtub (cheap! LOL) I'll add that, too.
Last night I worked on adding light fixtures to many of the rooms. The wall lamp for the blue room is one of my favorites - and it conveniently covers one of the flaws in the wallpaper. ;) I added a few personal belongings to the shelves, too.
The biggest project for today was making this porch swing. It was made with leftovers from the Brimble kit and pieces of gingerbread form the arms. Johnny seems to be enjoying it but I think Wilson is feeling left out.

The basics are finished for the house but I still have a long list of "need to do's."

Living room: area rug, art
Foyer: coat rack - I'm going to model if after the antique one we had at home while I was growing up.
Kitchen: rug for in front of sink, broom and mop
Master bedroom: dresses for the armoire, a handbag and/or hat to put on the bed and maybe some more art
2nd floor hall: finished I think...
Blue bedroom: folded shirts and trousers for the armoire, a few more items for the shelves
Pink bedroom: handbag, shoes, stockings or a nightie
3rd floor hall: a bench
Bathroom: more stuff for the shelves, maybe a drying rack, soap
Porch: lots of plants - both hanging and sitting in pots, a "Johnson's Boarding House" sign
Dolls - Sandy - a young secretary who lost her fiance in the war; George - high school music/band teacher


Christine said...

My goodness! You are zooming along with this house - you make me feel embarrassed that what you achieve in a day, takes me months! :~D Well done, it is looking excellent.

De said...

Thank you, Christine. No need to feel embarrassed. I just get very "focused" when I start a new project. I'm excited if I manage to fit a few household chores in my real house in while working on a mini house. My youngest child is a senior in high school and I'm not employed outside the home so I have more free time than most. :)

Glenda said...

Your house is so very welcoming, De!
I've had a fine time wandering from room to room ;)

Ana said...

My God you super fast I like how are you decorating.Congratulations ¡ Greetings

De said...

Thank you!

Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

Wow, looking great!! I love the swing!
-Kim :)