Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh my gosh! It's 3 am!

Do you ever get so into a project that time gets away from you? I frequently do. Tonight (this morning?) was one of those times. But I've mostly finished the structure for the saloon. There are some details that need fine tuning. (There's a large clamp on the roof right now trying to fix the roof trim gap issue.) But it looks really good. Although it isn't very realistic to have the whole mansard roof be copper I really liked the porch roof. It looks good, it's easy to do, AND it's cheap. All key for one of my projects, lol. The instructions for assembling the roof leave much to be desired. I'm not completely sure that I did it correctly but I had to add a lot of trim around the dormers on the outside to make it look good and fill in gaps. I like the way the trim looks so it's fine. I'm curious about whether the directions have been improved in the new laser cut version.
Daisy just brought a fresh beer up to Jake. He's practicing so he'll be ready to take on the saloon billiards champ later. The hanging oil lamp has a brass hanging frame. The base of the lamp is a large brass rose - perfect for "A Rose Among Thorns."


Kim said...

It looks so fabulous De- I hope you got a little sleep :)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

And I think I'm a bad girl staying up till 11. Annie my dog comes and tries to get me to come to bed. The saloon looks wonderful De, I really like the copper roof. I still can't get over how great the pool table came out.

Victoria :)

De said...

Thank you!

Kim, I got about 5 hours - enough to function. ;)

Victoria, I like the copper roof, too. One of the joys of miniatures is that I can choose how realistic I want to be...or if I just want it to look good, lol. The pool table is actually quite easy. The tutorial is for a 1:12 size table. The first one I made was 1:16. I didn't enjoy those conversions much but the table looked great.

May said...

Cuando una se enfrasca en un proyecto y le absorve, el tiempo pasa volando y no te das cuenta las horas invertidas.
el resultado es fantastico.
Intenta descansar. Tu esfuerzo a merecido la pena.
Besitos, May