Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's all in the details

I decided that George has done a lot of world travel. The war put an end to that so for now he's happy with his maps and dreams. You can tell by the labels on his well worn suitcase that he's done a lot of traveling. His open armoire reveals stacks of white shirts and folded trousers. I added some rolled and folded maps to the empty shelf area of the desk. I think this room is finished...maybe.
Harriet has a couple of dresses peeking out of her armoire. They were actually quite fun to make.
I added several plants to the porch. Two green plants in hanging pots, a couple of flowering plants in pots on the steps...
And this overflowing planter under the window. I didn't make the planter but I filled it.
Here's an overview of the whole porch, including the "Johnson's Boarding House" sign. You can also see that I added rose paint to the urn shapes at the top of the posts since my last porch photo. The porch is finished and I'm so happy with the results. It looks like a place I'd like to spend some time in.


Glenda said...

Looking good!! Love the suitcase :)

April said...

this is absolutely adorable! i wish i could spend a few hours on the porch.
the colors are so much FUN, too!