Monday, September 6, 2010

I found one!

I found a dartboard graphic that works and I made some little feathered darts. The board also has holes all over it from previous games. Having the board on the wall gives that area of the room a purpose now.


Kim said...

what a great addition! Watch out for those darts though!

Kathi said...

I think your mini people will need to stand on the bar stools to play darts? LOL Wish I could see the board up close. Bet it's perfect!

De said...

Thanks! Kathi, it's actually at eye level. The photo gives sort of a distorted view of the height.

Kim, the darts are made from straight pins and feathers. The three in the board are glued in place - I'll be in trouble if I make the other set 'cuz I'm sure to step on one at some point, lol.